About Advancing Ideas LLC

I'm Keith Livingston and I proudly own and operate Advancing Ideas. You probably got here because you bought something from me and wonder who the heck I am or what the charge was on your credit card. 

Well, chances are, you purchased something from one of my sites listed below. Feel free to look below or contact me if you have any questions.

So, who am I? I train hypnotherapists and NLP practitioners and master practitioners. I'm also a musician and have a couple of music-related sites. So if you're here, you likely ran across me in one of those contexts 🙂


Hypnosis101.com provides NLP & Hypnosis training, tutorials, newsletters, courses, books, on-line courses and videos. 


I'm the Director of Education and Operations for the International Hypnosis Association, which is an Hypnosis and NLP credentialing body.

No Label No Producer No Limits

NLNPNL is a website to help independent musicians with help recording, practicing, and promoting themselves.

Keith Livingston

My music site, featuring my original recordings and an occasional cover song.